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asked March 5th 2018

dreamboats and peticoats inches to cm

hello for this cake in the tools list it says you need 5/16 allthread at 12" long. is the 5/16 the thickness of the rod? and is the 12" the total length before she cuts it in half?

Sorry I get so confused with inches!

Thanks Steph xx


Hi Steph, 5/16" = approx 0.8cm which is the diameter and the 12" rod is the length that she starts with.
Hope that helps 🙂


Hi Steph

The 5'16 is the drill bit she is using and according to the tools list, the steel rod is 4mm thick by 8” long.
All the tools and ingredients are listed under the video. Let me know if I've understood your question properly please. x


yes thank you that's brilliant xx

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