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asked July 23rd 2019

Drip cake storage

Hi I am making a drip cake .It will be sponge covered in buttercream with a ganache drip and decorated with chocolate sweets
It’s being collected first thing Friday morning do I will finish the cake on Thursday.
Do you think it would be best kept in the fridge overnight ? I’m concerned about the choc blooming or will in a box in a cool cupboard overnight be ok ?


Hi Woodysmum

The cake should be fine stored in a box placed in a cool cupboard. If you're experiencing this heatwave, check it from time to time to make sure the buttercream is holding up. If you think it is melting, pop the cake, still boxed, into the fridge. Take it out of the fridge before collection to make a quick check. Don't leave the box open for too long as moisture will form on the cake due to the warmer room temperature air. Definitely, don't touch any of the decorations as this will leave finger marks.
I've placed many cakes with chocolate decorations in the fridge for a short time without detriment.

Please advice the customer as much as possible on storage. Once the cake is out of your care it is not your responsibility. 🙂