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asked February 16th 2018

.easuring liquids

How do you measure 325g veg oil please


Thank you for your advice.??.x


Hi Pamela Johnstone

It's more accurate to weigh liquids on scales in the same way as you would with dry ingredients. 🙂


Thank you. I have milk ml and water ml on my scales. Which one do I pick please or will I just put liquid in jug and change to grams on xcales?


Don't worry with the mls, forget the mls. Just weigh it out in grams exactly like the dry ingredients and it will be far more accurate. I keep my scales permenantly on the gm setting. Please don't forget to use the tear to cancel out the weight of the jug before measuring. 🙂


You're welcome Pamela 🙂 I see your comment has duplicated so I've cleared one to tidy up the page. Hope you don't mind. x

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