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asked October 9th 2020

edible flowers wedding cake

Hi, i've been asked to make an edible flower wedding cake with fresh flowers pressed into buttercream i normally use swiss meringue buttercream in my cakes but i think it'll be too soft for the outside but moreover, i don't know what sort of preparation the flowers require, i've sourced the flower supplier , they will be certified organic and edible. i don't want the flowers to be crystallised or frosted looking, they need to look natural but i don't want them to wither in the heat either, weddings next spring in ireland. Can anyone help?


Hi Lmcg

It really depends on which type of flowers are being used. Some are more robust than others and of course, there are guidelines to follow regarding food safety. All the information on edible flowers, can be found in the following link:


Please read through the site’s very useful guide. You can also call them up if you need more clarification. Hope this helps 🙂