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asked October 1st 2020

Edible glaze

Can you please tell me what removes the overspray from edible glaze on benchtops. I've tried spray and wipe, methylated spirits but cannot remove it. We have an engineered stone benchtop. I would really appreciate your help.


Hi Ouldeb

Try confectioner's glaze cleaner. It is used for removing confectioner's glaze from brushes, but please do read the instructions carefully before applying.

See some suppliers here:

Without the use of removers, the glaze will eventually come off with constant washing with hot soapy water. However, when you had your worktops installed, the manufacturers must have given you a special cleaner for the stone. I have engineered stone slab too and was given a white cream and some cleaning pads to revive the stone. If you have something similar, use that first. Might also be an idea to consult the manufacturer or supplier of the benchtops for advice. Hope this helps 🙂