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asked June 20th 2018

Edible printer

Hi is getting an edible printer worth it? And silly question but can you
Hook them up to your phone instead of a computer??


Hi Susan Forbes

If you're doing a lot of cakes which require printed imaging you'll find it a gift. If you need imaging occassionally, it's easy to buy them online. Shop around for a good suppplier.
I bought mine four years ago and I think it's had about a dozen outings! All my edible ink cartridges are out of date, I 'd have to get new ones and not really justify spending out on them.

Printers can be hooked up to phones. There are lots of online tutorials which show how to do it:

Your local mobile shop will also be able to help. 🙂


Thank you MadeitwithLove! That's great you can hook them to a phone,
I'll consider investing in one when I open my company!


An investment in a Pro Membership will show you how to save money on new equipement. The immediate savings will pay for the membership straight away. Speak to David Brice, he'll give you the whole lowdown on the benefits of Pro membership.

Wishing you every success when you decide to open your business. 🙂

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