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asked October 20th 2020

Egg and Nut free cake recipe

Can you please help me out with making an egg free and nut free chocolate
Can you advise me on an oil and a butter
Do you possibly have a nice recipe i searched but i could not find
This is the first request i have had for this type of allergy and i am
very nervous on ingredients to use.
Kind regards


Hi Ellis

There are many egg and nut free recipes online. However, before you begin baking cakes for people who have allergies, you need to ensure that you're baking in a space dedicated to that purpose and that you do not have allergen particles in your home atmosphere. In the UK and elsewhere, local authorities inspect the premises before issuing the certification. You will also need to check with your insurers that you are indemnified for this type of baking.

Please take a look at the government's guidelines on food preparation for those with special dietary needs. Here is the UK link:


More information is also posted on the Cakeflix site here:


If you are not in the UK, please refer to your own country's regulations.

Hope this helps 🙂