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asked February 29th 2020

Farrukh Khan

Hi, I am producing cupcake in commercially, I need a good preservative to keep cupcake soft and fresh for 12 months, now I am using potassium sorbet, sorbitol, citric Acid and sodium benzoate together, but after 2,3 months the cupcake become dry, I need solution for it.


Hi Farrukh Khan

Unfortunately, I can not recommend any other food preservatives other than what you are using at present. I have answered in the past to a similar question regarding preservatives here:

Preserving a cake

There is an enormous amount of information on the internet worth exploring. I have found several articles on industry strength chemicals which might help. Please see them here:


Alternatively, it might be easier to visit a few local commercial bakeries to ask for advice and understanding of the use of industrial-strength preservatives.

I hope the suggestions help. Good luck with your search. 🙂