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asked January 29th 2020

Fighter Jet Cake

Please Help! I have been asked to make a fighter jet cake for May and haven't a clue where to begin. Any help would be great please.

I have looked at Paul's space type fighter jet cake but couldn't attempt this cake as It's so detailed. In the meantime I'll keep searching for ideas.

Many thanks.


Hi bellscakes

First of all, remember that you have lots of time to search for ideas. Perhaps include cakes with icing images of jet fighters if making a template and carving a whole cake feels a little intimidating. Paul's space fighter jet is indeed very detailed but it doesn't have to be if you can master the basic form.

There are lots of different ideas which may be simpler and easier to execute but no less impressive. Take a peek at some google images here:


Search also in Youtube for 'jet fighter cakes'. You'll see several with less detail which might be more suitable for your own skillset. That, of course, is for you to decide.

Paul has other plane type cakes on the site where he uses gum paste models rather than a carved cake. It's all worth taking a look at to draw inspiration from.

If you want to do a carved cake, it doesn't have to go on a stand. It can be just as impressive on a decorated cake board. Take a look at how Paul did the Spitfire cake and adapt it to a jet fighter by using a more suitable template.
You could hand paint all the markings, there are plenty of images available online to use as colour guides for livery.

These are a few ideas. I hope some will be useful. Finally, don't panic and come back if you need any more information or support. 🙂


HI madeitwithlove

Thanks very much indeed for all your help. I'll look at the links you sent me and also Paul's spitfire cake etc too. Yes I did feel a bit panicked at first, when asked to make this type of cake, though as you said there's plenty time to plan and research so, deep breath! The recipient of this cake is a real plane enthusiast so I really would like to make a good job of it.

I have to say Paul's space fighter jet cake is amazing but when I saw all it involved I felt it would be too big an undertaking.
Hope you are keeping well and looking forward to the Spring. xx


Have a little trial go at Paul's space fighter. Deep breath and go for it! I don't think the tutorial has a template so you'll need to source one. If you can't find one let me know and I'll make a search. You do have a choice of ideas and I know you from past projects, you'll make a great job. 🙂

I'm keeping the best I can, it's not perfect but can't expect more. Looking so forward to spring. My roses are already beginning to flower. Hope we don't get a massive frost to kill them off. I hope you are well too. It's always so lovely to see your post. I often wonder how you are getting on. XX 🙂


Thanks so much madeitwithlove.
I will take a look at Paul's Space fighter jet again. However I just watched the spitfire cake tutorial and feel I could certainly do that. It looks really good. I made Paul's shark cake in October, and was really very pleased with it so have a least had the experience of making and inserting the fins which aren't that different to the wings and tail end of the spitfire.

Glad you're keeping ok just now. Hopefully we'll have a good Spring with some much needed sunshine which will give us all a great boost. It's incredible to have roses in bloom already! How lovely,

Have a good weekend and take care



WoW!! You came to a great cake conclusion. I would love to know how it turns out. I know , know, know it will be fantastic 👏👏

You have a great weekend too. I’ll look forward to hearing all about your cake when the time comes. 😘😘