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asked March 2nd 2015

Filling do vanilla cake

Hi all. I am making a vanilla sponge cake this week for a friend.
Now sometimes when putting the jam and buttercream on together it slips around quite a lot , would it be ok to do 1 layer buttercream 1 layer jam rather than putting them together?
Also on the vanilla cake filled with buttercream would it be ok to have a white chocolate ganche on the outside as my buttercream seems to melt a lot? Has any one tried this before? Thanks kellie


Hello kellie-dowling

Yes that would be fine but you might find it will affect the height of cake very slightly. What you can do is make a stiff buttercream dam around the rim of the layer about half an inch deep so it's like a protective wall and then put your filling in the middle. If you're making a three layer cake you'll have two layers with filling. Press all the layers down gently to make your cake even. Any filling which squishes out scrape around the cake and then ganache with as usual. White chocolate ganache is lovely with vanilla and jam combo.


this is Vicky just want to know all the preservatives used in making cakes last longer in supermarkets