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asked June 26th 2020

Fondant cake

Can you keep a fondant cake in fridge?


It's not normally advised to keep a fondant cake in the fridge although it is tempting in this weather! This is due to the fondant attracting moisture which softens it and can cause it to sweat. This is something you really don't want as it can ruin your cake you've worked so hard on!


Hello Margaret Magee

If your cake doesn't contain any fresh dairy filling like fresh cream, cream cheese, or custard, there is no need to refrigerate an iced cake. Once iced, just place it in a cake box and store it somewhere cool, away from direct sunlight or other heat sources.

There is further information on storing an iced cake in the fridge here:

Cake with fondant

The idea is to completely seal out the moisture from reaching the icing. I hope this helps. Post back if you need more information 🙂