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asked March 24th 2021

Fondant over styrofoam

How far in advance can I cover a fake cake with fondant? I am looking at doing a 4 tiered cake, with the bottom two tiers being styrofoam. Any advice on the best way to attach the tiers or any advice!? Thank you!


Hello Cayla Robillard

Styrofoam cakes can be covered weeks in advance. However, to keep the colour of the fondant uniform and fresh looking with the real tiers, it may be best to do them a week or two in advance. If you are ganaching the real tiers, do the same with the fake ones. You might find it more economical to use inexpensive chocolate for the dummies and keep the good stuff for the real tiers.

Use cake boards as you would for real tiers. Royal icing or ganache is a great glue for attaching all the tiers. Real tiers must be dowelled ie the second tier must be dowelled for the top tier to sit on. Fake tiers do not require doweling, they are strong enough to take the weight of the upper tiers.

Hope this makes sense. Please come back if you need more information.