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asked January 21st 2019

fondant problem

hi im very new to fondant .. now a days its winter bt weather is rainy .. when I put ganache and set the cake in the fridge to harden .. and the moment I apply my fondant it .. fondant after a min or so gets sweaty and shinny .. plz I need help ..


Hi Maimoona Nain

The difference between the fridge temperature and the room temperature forms sweating/dew on the ganache. Moisture and fondant do not mix well, this is the reason why you are experiencing the problem. When fondant becomes wet it canmelt and break. As it dries out it becomes shiny and cracked looking. To prevent this happening, leave the cake out on the counter for about 30 minutes or until the dew dries before applying the fondant.

Hope this helps. Please post back if you need any more information. 🙂