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asked May 10th 2019

fondant suitability for ruffles

Hi Im a complete novice and want to try my hand at covering a cake in fondant ruffles. Can you suggest best branded ready made fondant for this purpose, presumably needs to roll quite thin without tearing. Im Uk based


Hi Catherine

Ruffles can be made with any type of sugar paste, it doesn't have to be a special sort. Some pastes are slightly firmer than others and perhaps may be considered more suitable. However, I would recommend using any paste within your budget. You could always add a little tylose to a less firm paste to strengthen it. Ruffles can also be supported with a little tissue paper or sponge to prevent them from flopping as they are drying
Paul has some really good tutorials on how to make ruffles. See a few by searching for ruffles in the techniques section.

... there are lots of tutorials on youtube too. First, have a look in the site's comprehensive tutorial library which contains everything you'll need to know about making ruffles. Please let me know if you need more information.