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asked January 28th 2019

Food colouring/gels

Hi, I can never get a nice colour with icing, what’s the best brand to use


Hi Sueyb34

Many professionals use Rainbow dust ProGel. This is a highly concentrated colour range, just a little goes a long way. Other really good brands include Squire's kitchen, Sugar flair concentrated gels, PME and Wilton. However, there are many more other brands available. Gels colours give the best results for colouring icing at home.

Sometimes it may be necessary to have a mixture of different brands to achieve the perfect colour. Colouring white icing in shades such as red, black and purple can be difficult to achieve in vibrancy and depth. Over use of these colours will break down the consistency and taste of the icing making it unpalatable and difficult to handle. For deeper shades, it is better to buy in ready coloured icing.

I would recommend the Progel first then add different brands to your collection as you go along for experimenting.

As with all colours, start by adding small amounts and allow the shade to develop by resting the icing for a few hours or preferably overnight. Add a little more to darken colour.