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asked January 19th 2019

Football stadium cake

Hi im currently working on a price to make a football stadium cake and got a bit of a mental block ,I'm trying to get my head around how long roughly will this take .I'm thinking of making the pitch about 12" long if that helps i really need to know by Monday.
Thanks Geoff Nicholson Cakes and Bakes corby


Hi Geoff,

Pricing is very personal and much of it needs to take account of the specifics of your business i.e. running costs and your cost of ingredients.

As a very quick rule, I'd work out how much your ingredients will cost and how much time you are likely to take (pay).

Combined they should come to 60%-70% of the price charged. How much you charge per hour is down to you.

This week's live show was all about pricing. Here's a quick summary which might help...

What can you expect to earn making cakes?

Good luck!

Kind regards, David