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asked August 5th 2019

Freeze lemon ganache

Can you freeze lemon ganache , what is the best way for flavouring? essence or lemon curd not home made


Hi Alicain

The short answer is yes, ganache made with lemon curd can be frozen. It depends what you’ll be using it for. It is possible, when defrosted, the curd may change the consistency of the ganache. Best test is to make a small amount, freeze it, then bring it back to working consistency. It will be a lovely flavour.

Alternatively, try powdered food flavouring which won’t change the ganache. There’s also the option of using oil based , highly concentrated flavours which come in little drop bottles. Search in google for LorAnn oil or Foodie Flavours for chocolate.

Finally, if you type ‘Foodie Flavours’ in the Q & A search box, there are related answers which may be of interest to you.

Hope you find the suggestions helpful. 🙂


Thankyou so much


You are welcome, Alicain 🙂


when can i freeze the ganache? after it has emulsified or when it has set up??