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asked October 7th 2020

Freezing Black Forrest gateaux sponge

I'm making a Black Forrest sponge and wondered if, once brushed in Kirsch, can I freeze it? The recipe is different to my normal sponge, in that I separate the eggs, whisk the whites and fold into the batter. Only want to freeze it for a week.


Hi Tomandhen123

Yes, the cake can still be frozen once brushed with the kirch. Are you freezing a filled cake? If you are, remember to keep it well away from strong smelling foods because dairy cream takes on those kind of tastes.

If you’re freezing cake layers only, open freeze each layer until easy to handle. Then wrap each layer in cling film. Place a cake card between each wrapped layer and store stacked in a cake box. Return to the freezer until required. Layers can be filled without defrosting to prevent breaking the delicate sponge. 🙂