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asked October 14th 2013

freezing ganache

Has anyone ever frozen their cakes already covered in ganache, if so did it come out ok? I have 2 3 tiered sponge cakes to do a few days apart and wondered if I could cover them in ganache ready for putting sugarpaste on them then freeze.


Hi heatherdvds

If you type in the search box 'freezing ganache' you'll find similar inquires. This is how I freeze mine:

Freezing cake with choc ganache

Other members may do theirs differently. Similarly for left over ganache it's best to wrap it in a freezer bag and then place in an airtight container to prevent burning.


Thank you, I have 2 large pots of double cream with a shelf date of 7 days away but wonโ€™t need to use ganache for 2 weeks, hence the reason for the question. Sue


Hi Susan Bosworth

The ganache can be made up and frozen until you need it. No need to waste the cream ๐Ÿ™‚