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asked May 6th 2018

Fresh Cream Stabilization


Weather over here is hot and fresh cream is not stabilized when i place it on the cake.
Appreciate if any body can suggest me how to keep the fresh cream stabilized for long duration when the cake is placed at normal room temperature.



Hi Sana_ Batool

Fresh cream can be stabilized by adding to it a little gelatine or egg white/meringue powder. Google how to stabilize fresh cream to see different methods. Hope you find a suitable way for your requirements. Good luck! πŸ™‚


There is a product called Chantifix that is designed especially for this. I live in the French Alps and whipped cream does not stay stable for very long at altitude especially. People up here swear by this product. You can find it on Amazon.co.uk


Hi nicola.ryan2585

Thank you for sharing the name of this product. At the moment it is unavailable on Amazon but can be obtained from various French catering sites. The product is gelatine based so the same results can be produced by adding approximately 20gram of gelatine to 1K of cream as a stabalizing agent.

Many thanks again for your input, it is much appreciated. πŸ™‚


Yes I use it too it is excellent


Hi miriamaljamil

It’s good to get more input. Thank you for adding to this thread.

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