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asked August 1st 2019

Fresh flowers on wedding cakea

Hello David and Paul, do you have a tutorial video on how to place fresh flowers on a wedding cake? The do' and don'ts check list would be really useful. Also do you have a guide on pricing up buying and placing the Rose's ??

All advise welcome!


Hi Whiteowlswan

At present there isn't a tutorial on using fresh flowers on cake. However, Paul is always open to suggestions. I think he actually did a wedding cake last week for a bride who wanted fresh blooms.
It is essential to know which flowers can and can not be used as some are highly poisonous.

Meanwhile, please take a peek at this recent answer to another member:

Roses on cakes

There are several youtube videos which show how to wire up fresh flowers. Search for 'wiring fresh wedding flowers'.

I hope the answer there will be useful.

ps: Some very useful reading here: