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asked February 23rd 2018

Fruit cake cooking time

How long do I cook a 4" and a 9" fruit cake for please. The recipe says 3.5 hours for an 8" cake. Do I halve that time for the 4" and add on a little more for the 9"?
Thank you


Hi mrsh1978

Fruit cake baking times can vary according to recipes. I can only give very approximate timing from the original given time for the 8" cake. Try 1hr 20 minutes for the 4" cake at the given temp. Check the cake with a wooden skewer after 1 hr and if it is very wet still bake on but check at intervals of 5 or 10 minutes. For the 9" try 4 hrs, check at 3.45 hrs and do the same as for the small cake if it is still very wet. As all ovens are different, please keep an eye and nose on your bake. To prevent over baking, I tend to remove my fruit cakes from the oven when there is still a tiny bit of sticky mixture left on the stick.
The timing I have given is just a guide and not a definite. 🙂


Thank you so much!


You're welcome mrsh1978. I'm sure if you use your own judgement the cakes will turn out great 🙂

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