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asked August 5th 2019

Fruit cake dilemma

Hello, I have made a 11”x7” fruit cake 3” deep. I double layered my tin and double layered the outside of tin. Cooked for 2hours on 150 then lowered to 140 and covered the top with foil and cooked for another 2hours 58 mins. Feeding it with brandy and smells amazing but slightly concerned it looks very dark and edges on top look little burnt. Have I cooked it for too long? Don’t often make fruit and was worried as quite deep wanted to be cooked all the way through. Can you overcook fruit cake? Any help or advice would be appreciated


Hi Kingscakes

It’s possible the edges and the top of your cake have just slightly caught. Take a peek at a similar question which I have answered:

fruit cake struggles

I don’t think you’ve over baked it at all, sounds just right to me. If it’s over baked , the fruit inside will have over caramelised, gone crusty and taste bitter.
It is possible to take a small sample plug from the centre of the cake with an apple corer. If you’re happy, gently replace the plug which will settle back without a problem.

Let me know how you get on. 🙂