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asked July 26th 2016

Fruit cake maturing

I baked my fruit cake back in April and soaked it in brandy . Packed it the way you mentioned in greaseproof paper and then layer of foil.
It was lying on kitchen shelf until now. I did check in between 3-4 times. Yesterday when I opened it there is lil stickiness owing to brandt but cant see any mould or any smell.
Is it good to use? If I freeze it now will it stay good until October..

Where generally fruit cake should be left to mature?


Hello Baker06

A matured fruit cake does have a sticky feel due to the fruit breaking down and adding moistness to the texture. The brandy acts as a preservative, it also enhances the flavour of the fruit. Once wrapped, a fruit cake should be stored in a cool place. An airtight cake or biscuit tin is a great container to place the cake in, however not an airtight plastic container which causes the cake to sweat and possibly go bad.
A fruit cake which is wrapped up before it has completely cooled can also become mouldy.
From your description, it sounds as if your cake has matured nicely. It must have a lovely fruity brandy smell. If you think there is something wrong inside, take a small plug from the centre of the cake with an apple corer and try a little for flavour. Replace the remaing plug back into the hole and it will settle itself back in without causing a dent. If there is nothing wrong, the cake can be frozen in it's wrapping placed inside a freezer bag and a box to protect it from freezer burn. Fruit cakes can be frozen for a year and sometimes beyond, depending on recipe.