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asked July 5th 2021

Fruit ganache

I am about to make two teddy bear cakes one lemon & one raspberry .
For the ganache can I replace the cream with lemon puree & raspberry puree ?
Do I also need to put sugar paste on top of the ganache or can I just pipe buttercream fur as the client is not keen on sugar paste ?


Hi Tina has

Ganache can be made with practically any liquid, so in theory you could use pure fruit. However, this will very significantly reduce the shelf life of the ganache and it won’t have the same fluidity and strength as ganache made with cream.

I make fruit ganache by boiling down the fruit to half it’s weight and pressing it through a sieve to make a purée which is then added to made ganache. Making a fruit reduction decreases the water content of the fruit and intensives the taste.

Pure fruit Ganache is used more as chocolate fillings and not as a cake decorating cover.

I’ve made the teddy cake and it’s variations with fondant and without. Definitely, with fondant is safer as it holds all the pieces together before piping with buttercream. I also dowelled the head into the body section to prevent any decapitation disasters.

Hope this helps 🙂

You can leave the fondant off by giving the cake several coating of ganache especially any where there is a joint.