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asked May 9th 2016

Ganache shelf life – use by date on cream

Hi there, I've seen that ganache typically has a fairly long shelf life, but I was wondering does this still apply past the double creams original own use-by date? I have bought my cream and can make it into ganache before its use-by date, but the date the cake is to be made for is past the creams use-by date. Thank you in advance for your much needed help 🙂


Hi Kate

Ganache can be stored in the freezer for up to three months. Make it up, freeze it and then take it out the day before it is required. Defrost it on the kitchen counter. If the ganache is still very stiff mlet it very gently on low to med heat in the microwave at 2 - 3 second intervals. Stir after each burst of warming until the ganache is a spreadable consistency. For more information on ganache take peek here:

The Shelf Life of Ganache – By madeitwithlove

If you need more information please post again.


Thanks, that's great 🙂 will do just that.