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asked December 31st 2018

Ganached Cakes

Hi. I have recently tried ganaching a sponge cake which tastes so much better than a crumb coated cake and so much easier to cover.
I wanted to know, apart from fruit cake, would you ganache other types of cakes ie, red velvet etc.


Hi CarolPalmer

Almost all cakes cake be ganached without any problem. Most popular cakes are chocolate mud cake, madeira cake and some sponge cakes. There is no reason why red velvet cake can not be ganached. However, if you intend icing it too, make sure the cake is well chilled so it doesn't tear when applying the ganache. It may also be wise to look for a recipe which will withstand the weight of the fondant. Although it's fine to ganache fruit cake, please be aware that the cake will keep several months but the ganache covering it will only keep for a few days. It's best to cover fruit cake with marzipan and fondant unless it is to be consumed with the life of the ganache.

The following blog may be of interest as it explains a little about the shelf life of ganache:

The Shelf Life of Ganache – By madeitwithlove

Hope it helps. Happy New Year 🙂