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asked March 1st 2019

gluten free sponge cake recipe

Hi, I normally follow recipes for Mrs Jones cakes but I was wondering if she has a recipe for a gluten free sponge cake. I've been asked to make one for a birthday party at the end of the March.


Hi Lmcg

Mrs Jones doesn't have a glutenfree sponge cake on the site. However, if you particularly wish to follow her recipes she can be contacted on her own website for advice here: https://mrsjonescakes.co.uk/

I know most people follow a regular recipe and just substitute the flour with glutenfree; A previous answer here may help:

Fail proof gluten free recipes

Hope suggestions help. 🙂

ps I strongly recommend baking a few trial cakes from different recipes to ensure quality. 🙂

Found this in our blog section:

Five of our Favourite Gluten Free Sponge Cake Recipes


brilliant, thanks so much madeitwithlove


Lmcg, you are welcome! 🙂 Hope all works out well for the March birthday cake. Your feedback on the recipe used would be fantastic. 🙂