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asked July 26th 2020

gold paint Issues

Hi I’m a novice hobbyist cake decorator. I’m doing a gold cake for the first time for my sister’s 50th wedding but having trouble making a usable gold paint. I’ve been using sugarflair gold lustre dust mixed with either rejuvenating liquid or neat vodka but going wrong somewhere. Too little liquid and It isn’t of a paint consistency and impossible to paint with, too much and the colour is pale and the dust separates on the flowers leaving bits of dust which won’t brush off. I also wanted to paint one tier of cake gold but this isn’t going to happen if I can’t solve the problem and I’m running short of time.
Would a ready made gold paint be better and if so what brand .?


Hi catherine bennett

When you mix the lustre dust, first begin with a little bit of the liquid and make a paste consistency. Add a little more to loosen the paste or until it becomes a painting consistency. Pouring lots of liquid at the start will cause the dust to separate. If you want a deep colour for deeper coverage, keep the consistency thicker, sort of slightly thicker than nail polish. Add more liquid to achieve your desired consistency.

Everyone has their favourite brands. I use Sugarflair, and find their Radiant Gold gives the deepest colour. Sometimes you have to mix more than one shade of gold to achieve a preferred colour. However, as you know, there are many other brands. A lot of people swear by the Roxy Rich brand and Faye Cahill.

For ready mixed colours, you could try airbrush colours. Spectrumflow gets great reviews, but again there are many other brands such as Colour splash, PME, Squires Kitchen and Rainbow Dust to name a few. With all these colours, please make sure the product details state it is edible and not a highlighter, which is not edible.

All these products can be found at the Cake Decorating Company. They are all accompanied with product details.
There is also a youtube video by the Cake decorating company demonstrating how to get good coverage. Highlight the following link to see it here:

Hope the above suggestions help. Remember it must say edible on the product information. If you're not sure about anything at all just post back. 🙂


Thanks so much, hopefully I’ll have more success now.


Good luck! If you need support, just post back 🙂