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asked February 7th 2018

Green Board for rolling out sugar paste or fondant

Love your classes,I am enrolled in the hanging handbag and I have limited counter space and the green board that you use to roll your sugar paste on, what is it called and where can I purchase it in the United



Hi Marian

It is called exactly as you have described it 🙂 I have searched sites in the USA and unfortunately haven't been able to find a stockest. From what I can see, most decorators in the USA use roll out mats or the kitchen counter top.
In the Uk there are several suppliers who would ship out to you. You will need the largest size 500mm x 600mm or 24" x 18" if you want the same as the one Paul uses in the tutorials. Here is an example:

I have one and it's pretty heavy ( 3.3 kg/ approx 7.5lb) so I guess the shipping costs would be quite high. You could try asking Global Sugar Art or Evil Cake Genius who are in the States. They may have contacts in the USA and in the UK who may be able to get a hold of a board for you. I'm sorry I can't be of more help but it's lovely to hear that you are enjoying being part of the school. If I do happen to find a supplier I'll post here to you. I will also ask my friends in the States if they know of suppliers. 🙂


Hi Marian

I did a further search this morning for the board and came up with one from PME brand on ebay USA:


It is still coming from the UK but check out the shipping costs, which appears to be pretty reasonable. PME is an excellent brand, the board is blue instead of green and made of exactly the same material as the green one.


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