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asked April 13th 2016

Halving the mixture and cooking times

Hi, I'm making a couple of deep sponges, the recipe says divide equally between two tins. I don't need the cake to be so deep so I'm halving the mixture. Should I therefore halve the cooking time as well (it says 75 minutes - I was thinking perhaps 40 minutes). Also if I make two cakes (10" and 8" - same recipe) should I revert to the original cooking time as though I was making the original mixture in two tins and just put the smaller tin on the lower shelf. Thanks for your help, best wishes Jan.


Hi Jan

It depends on the type of sponge you are baking because some recipes bake faster than others. The best thing to do is keep an eye and nose on the baking. Place smaller tin on the lower shelf if baking two together keeping to the original baking time but still keep an eye on it. You may find the following blog of interest:

Jot your timing down so you have an idea for next time. I tend to do that otherwise I just forget! Let us know how it turns out. x


Thanks every so much for your prompt answer, very much appreciated and I certainly will let you know how it turned out. xx