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asked March 3rd 2019

Has anyone made a staffy out of fondant?

Hey again so cake dutchess, Paul, Zoe’s fancy cakes etc do amazing tutorials but no one has one on a English Staffordshire bull terrier, I have to make a topper of one in 5 days time and I’m stuck, they have such massive heads I’m scared of getting it horribly wrong any suggestions?? Looking at a photo does not help me I can’t look and create it like you guys do


Hi Jane

The best way really is to use photographs as a reference point. The head is only in proportion to the rest of the body. The are several topper tutorials for bulldogs in youtube . The faces have a certain similarity which could act as a guide to adapt into a Staffy. Google or search in youtube for bulldog or Staffy dog cake tutorial.

Templates often help to get facial angles right. Take a peek here for Staffy dog templates:

Five days is a short time to create and perfect something for the first time. All you can do is try it. I'm sure once you get going it will fall into place. Good luck.