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asked November 16th 2020

Height of Jimmy Choo cake box?

Can you please tell me the height of the Jimmy Choo cake box cake. I understand it is 10” in length, 5-1/2 width, I just need the actual height. The lid overlap would also be nice to know. I would so much appreciate it if you can help me out here. First time covering a shoe box!

Helen Loudon


Hi Helen

The height of the cake will depend on how tall your finished baked cake comes out.

I made this cake using Paul's chocolate cake recipe, which once baked, finished at 2.5" tall. I then divided and layered the cake up as instructed by Paul in the tutorial.

Without the filling, the three stacked layers measured approximately 4.5" tall. However, with filling, ganache, and sugar paste, it ended up just over 6" tall. I wasn't particularly generous with the filling because the cake is super moist and rich and can hold its own without overstuffing.

If you find your cake turns out too tall just trim it down to the height you would like it to finish without the filling and allow, approx a quarter of an inch filling for each layer. Once you have ganached and iced it, the height will be quite respectable. If you're happy with a tall cake don't trim anything off of the original finish.

The lid instructions are given in the following lesson:

Jimmy Choo Shoe Cake

I measured mine off at 1.5" deep, although it is up to you if you want it slightly deeper. Or you can follow the instructions in the tutorial as per Paul using the height of the smoother.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your project. 🙂


Thank you so much, totally appreciate your quick response to my question.

Kindest regards,
Helen Loudon