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asked July 10th 2019

how long will cake maintain freshness

Hi, I'm guessing this question has been asked a hundred times, but i can't find the answer on this Q&A. I've been asked to make a guitar cake. It's going to be a substantial size, about 3/4 size of a full size electric guitar. I will be covering it with ganache and fondant and using rice krispie treats coated in ganache for the neck. i won't be able to put it in an airtight container due to the size. So my question is, if i bake the cake on Sunday, and have ganache completed by Monday night, how long will the cake retain it's freshness? its required for Thursday


Hi Lmcg

That will depend on the cake recipe you use. Some cakes last longer than others. Maderia cake has the longest shelf life because of its density. Most sponge cakes stay fresh for approximately five days from baking to eating, chocolate mud cake approximately seven days. All providing there are no perishable fillings like fresh fruit, cream cheese or any other fresh dairy eg whipping cream, double cream, custard. Take a peek here for several other answers:
Please browse as many of the relevant topics as each has something to offer.

Hope this helps. Please post back if you need any more information. 🙂


Thats great, thanks very much madeitwithlove, I normally use Mrs Jones vanilla sponge cake recipe, which i intend to use this time except its coffee flavour that's been requested. You mentioned in a post i found using shelf life search that using a simple syrup on the layers of the cake would help retain it's freshness, is that for all cakes? (I'm using ganache to coat the cake a swiss meringue coffee flavour buttercream filling? Thanks for your help.


The simple syrup does help retain freshness, it adds moisture. If flavoured with a little vanilla extract, it will give an extra boost of flavour. Vanilla and coffee are divine. The combination really helps to bring the coffee flavour out. It can be used in any cake you like, just don't overdo the amount otherwise the cake could end up soggy. I use a pastry brush, it gives the right amount of moisture. Once the cake is ganached, the moisture will be trapped in. Keep the cake covered loosely with clingfilm to protect it from any airborne germs, dust or insects. Try and get it iced as soon as you can.

If you're unsure of anything at all, please post back. Good luck with your project 🙂


thanks very much, that's very helpful