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asked May 2nd 2019

How much ganache do I add to buttercream

Could anyone tell me how much ganache do I add to buttercream.

Thank you.


I have just found a buttercream chart that was done on this site, and for anyone who doesn’t know how to work it out, this is the answer.
If you are using for e.g 600 g buttercream, you multiply that by 6, =3600g ,then divide by 100, =36, add this is the amount of ganache that you add.



Hi nicky223

Thank you for using my buttercream chart and for reading the blog. Most people skip the blog which of course gives the amount of ganache which is reasonable to use. You've also made the calculation which is brilliant. Your answer will definitely be a useful resource for others. Thank you very much. X 🙂


Thank you, glad to help others, it takes the stress out of trying to guess the amounts.