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asked September 12th 2013

How to stop my icing from cracking?!

Hiya, how do I stop my sugarpase from looking crinkly or like elephant skin as some people say?!....it's not too bad but sometimes in places this happens!...I try and knead it really well before rolling out but sometimes still get a little cracking,especialy darker coloured icing...I usualy use Renshaws. Thanks x


Hi lynn-fraser

Could it be perhaps you're rolling out slightly on the thick side and the weight pulls a little causing tiny cracks which become more visible when the icing dries? Darker colours are much wetter and sticker and liable to stretch. I find rubbing a tiny amount of trex into my hands and also on the work surface when rolling can help reduce cracking. I knead my icing the evening before required, it helps settle it down and be less wet and stretchy. Have a look at the revamped beginners section on icing cake here http://www.cakeflix.com/online-cake-decorating-courses/1-icing-cakes-overview Paul explains everything about sugarpaste, how it behaves, how to knead and which ones give better performance. I'm sure you'll find it very helpful as I did. x


Thank you...I maybe am rolling out too thick!....I try and roll out to 5mm like Paul suggests but might be best to actualy have a ruler handy to make sure! I use trex as well but only when using modelling or flower paste.Thank you for your suggestion...I will check out the revamped section on sugarpaste.As always madeitwithlove....such a great help. x