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asked February 23rd 2019

I hate buttercream

Hi! I have an issue with grainy buttercream that absolutely nothing seems to rectify. It's driving me insane! I've googled and googled but nothing works. I use silver spoon icing sugar and a higher end butter like lurpak or anchor, always room temperature of course. Quantity I use is double sugar to fat. I've tried adding sugar bit by bit or all at once. Beating the hell out of it or beating slowly. A bit of boiling water or a splash of milk. I have a kmix mixer with creamer attachment. Does standard buttercream always have a bit of bite? I feel like it's the simplest possible recipe but I just can't get it right. As much as I love ganache, I do feel the need to be able to offer buttercream. Can anyone please give me the magic answer? Xx


Hi Bridget

I’m with you all the way hating buttercream ....... except for gorgeous Swiss or Italian. Neither of them are any more difficult to make than gritty buttercream and they taste fabulous. Follow any of the online recipes, google them by name. You could also try adding melted white chocolate or a a little condensed milk to your regular BC.


Ha I'm glad I'm not the only one! I love making Swiss meringue buttercream, I just worry it wouldn't be to everyone's taste. Especially if I make a lot of children's cakes. Thank you for the advice, I'll definitely try those out xx