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asked October 22nd 2018

Icing fondant

Good evening Sir, pls I want to know more on how to work with fondant without sweating after covering cake with it. Thanks for this opportunity to be on cake flix free trial.


Fondant is something I love to work with.


Hi Diton Robinson

It depends on the environment in which you are working. High humidity and very hot temperatures can make fondant sweat. Icing very cold cakes will also make fondant sweat due to the change from refrigerated to room temperature. Dew which settles on cake which is taken out of the refrigerator must be allowed to disperse before fondant is applied. This is to prevent the fondant becoming very wet from the moisture and eventually breaking down into a soggy mess.

If you are living in a hot humid location try and work at the coolest time of the day or in an air conditoned space. If this is not possible, circulate the air using a fan. Fondant absorbs moisture so refrigeration is best avoided unless you use a specially formulated paste such as Carmas Mass tinico tropic ( formulated for hot and humid environments). Some degree of sweating can be prevented if a cake is placed in a double box and sealed before placing in the refrigerator. The aim is to prevent moisture attacking the fondant. However, it will still cause some sweating. Once you bring the cake out of a refrigerated box, do not touch the fondant as it will make finger marks which can not be cleaned up. Just aim a fan at the cake and let the sweating dry off before attempting to work on it further.

I hope some of these suggestions help. Please let me know if you need more information.