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asked July 29th 2019

Indemnity form

I've to setup a wedding cake on Saturday and the hotel has asked me to fill out an indemnity form that they have no responsibility for any items left or people damaging items. I've never been asked for this before. I thought it was the other way around that when a cake is left in hotel setup, that it is their responsibility to make sure that it is safe and temperature of room correct. Is this not contradicting my indemnity form?


Hi yummymummy02

This definitely is a question for David Brice who will be able to give a much more comprehensive answer than I can. He can be contacted via the contact us form here:

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I know David will be able to help you with the very best advice. Good luck on Saturday 🙂


Hi yummymummy02,

We did have this once from a 5* hotel in Scotland. We had no option, but to sign. However, we made sure that we had plenty of photographic evidence to show that the cake arrived and was set-up as per the bride's instructions.

Although they present you with a disclaimer, there is nothing to stop you presenting your own. All our delivered cakes had to be signed for and notes taken of any issues and instructions left.

The form is available in our Pro Downloads section (click on the Pro icon on the top right of your page). For speed, just click the link below...

Good luck!


Thank you David for your help