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asked November 26th 2018

Isomalt snowflakes

I have been asked to make a four tier winter themed wedding cake. The bride would like clear sugar snowflakes as a topper. I got a mould from marvellous moulds but have not been successful getting the sugar into it. Can any recommend a mould for this purpose. Has to be about 4-6 inches. Thanks


Hi winnie

Please could you say why you were not successful in getting the sugar into the mould. Is it because the mould is too deep/shallow or because you were unable to get the hardened sugar out. Take a peek here for other brands:


Did you mean 4 - 6 inches or centimetres? I can't say I have seen 6 inch snowflake moulds for making isomalt or hard candy pieces.

EDIT: Cookie cutters can also be used with isomalt. Please take a peek at the folloing youtube tutorial:

I would suggest you create a cornstarch dam around the cutter to prevent the isomalt seeping out. You could also use pastry dough. Other wise follow the instructions about spraying the metal cutter with cooking oil, making sure there are no surplus spots and puddles over the metal as this will spoil the outcome of your piece.

Hope this helps. πŸ™‚


Thank you so much for your help. I think the mould is too shallow to spread the isomalt. I will check the link you sent me for using the cookie cutters. As usual I knew you would have alternative ideas, thanks again??


I've had a look at the marvellous mold and I think you are right that it is too shallow. The instructions do say that it is suitable for isomalt. Have you tried just putting a thin layer of the isomalt in and letting it spread on it own? I have a deep First Impressions mould which makes really lovely snow flakes. However, after doing a search, I can't find one like it anymore. I bought mine about seven years ago from the Cake Decorating Company, they don't appear to stock it now. Have a go with the cutter method, I hope it works for you. πŸ™‚


Hi and I’m a new member I’m not able to identify where to place my question also I may ask a very silly question . I’m really sorry for that .
My question is how to tempered the isomalt ?
As I can’t tempered isomalt so I’m not able do any work with isomalt


Hi Nelofer Yesmin

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I don't have sufficient experience with isomalt tempering, however, in the following link, you will find a very comprehensive step by step tutorial as a guide. The tutor uses metric heat and weight measures :

There are several other tutorials on youtube but they do not use metric measures which may be a little confusing if you are not familiar with them. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚