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asked March 6th 2018

Led lights in a car cake

Hello, I have a car cake I need to make in may and was thinking how awesome it would be to put led lights as the headlights. But I have never used these before so advice greatly needed. I have found wireless ones so do t need to worry about wires and the battery pack. But my concern is can these be inserted straight into the cake or do they need to be wrapped in cling film as guess can’t use safety seal on these? Any advice or help will be much appreciated.


Hi Kingscakes

Some cake lights come with little tabs which are removed to turn the lights on. From what I understand these can be inserted directly into the cake. I think I would prefer to wrap the light up in a little clingfilm or inside a straw. The straw can be opened up along the length and folded around the light then inserted into the cake.
I don't really know how safety seal would affect the light, best way to find out is to try it. 🙂

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