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asked September 10th 2019

Making a bell

Hello everyone!!!
A lady came to me today and if I would make a bell for this flower arrangement. They are silk flowers, this arrangement will be 26 years old tomorrow. I agreed...no pressure!!
Should I use modelling paste to make the bell?
I will be grateful for any advice
Tracey xx


Hi Tracey

Yes, modelling paste can be used. Depending on how big the bell is will depend on the brand of paste you use. Saracino is a great paste for modelling as it dries quickly and holds it's shape. 🙂


Thank you madeitwithlove I will use saracino modelling paste. You have just put my mind at ease and I appreciate your advice xx


I meant to say , make the bell up straight away to ensure it dries nice and hard. Hope all goes well. Xx