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asked September 3rd 2019

Making a gumpaste awning

Hi everyone,

I’m making a Paris themed birthday cake and on the second tier would like to add a building with an awning and stencil on a bistro table and chairs. I’m unsure how to go about making the awning and am asking for some recommendations.

Thank you in advance


Hi Swimbley

Personally, I would be inclined to paint on an awning on the cake rather than make a solid structure protruding out of the cake. There are lots of awning images online, google search for ideas.
However, if you do want to make a structure, a very simple solution could be achieved by cutting out swag shape with a straight top edge. Attach just the straight edge to the cake and support curved edge open with tissue paper. When the swag dries, pipe around the curved edge with a little melted chocolate so it builds the structure outward to give an impression of an awning. Embellish the straight edge too as this will give the awning a more solid impression.
You may also be able to make a lightweight awning with wafer paper which could be stuck to the cake. I have to experiment with that first before I can give you a positive answer.

Hope the suggestions help. ps, you haven't said how big you'd like the awning to be.


Hi Madeitwithlove,

The suggestion to use wafer paper sounds good. I’m just not sure how to get the curve. It will be on an 8” cake and I’m thinking it would between 2” and 3” wide.

I think if I cut the wafer paper, I can hold it over a rod and lightly steam to get the curve. Does that make sense?


Hi Swimbley

I have had a little play around with wafer paper to make the awning without much success. My paper was pretty old and brittle and not at all happy to be folded and cut. Having made another search online, I found an image of a gumpaste awning which might be suitable without having to worry too much about the curve. Take a peek at it here:

It might be useful if you haven't already found a solution. I would love to know how you've got on. 🙂