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asked February 17th 2018

making people

I am trying to recreate scene in Lion King movie where the baby lion is held up on the ledge to be introduced to the kingdom except I want a man(dad) holding his baby daughter up, probably looking at the male figure no more than 12cm tall. would there be some sort of tutorial on making these figures including how to make face etc? I have the mountain/ledge sorted.


Hi cakesaboutyou

The site has a complete modelling section which will greatly help you with your project. For posing figures on cake edges/ledges please take a peek here:

Fourth Anniversary Cake

To see the whole section on people and animal models take a peek here:

All models will show how to create faces and limbs. Some tutorials are more advanced offering a choice to suit all abilities and skills. Good luck and enjoy browsing. 🙂


thank you for your reply, I am sure that will be helpful to me. do you think I could use modelling choc for the figures or would fondant/sugar paste be more stable?


Modelling chocolate is a great medium for making flowers and models. At tme of writing this, the most raved about modelling paste is by Saracino. It uses a comination of cocoa butter and sugar modelling paste:

This paste contains a high percentage of cocoa butter making it easy to work with quicker drying time.
Which ever edible medium is used for making models, storing is key to best stable results.
Store made models in a well ventilated cardboard box away from all heat sources and bright sunlight. A cool room where the temperature does not fluctuate is the best environment. Airtight boxes cause models to sweat and spoil and should not be used at all. For a little more information take a peek here:

Storing modelling chocolate figures

..... and if you type in the search box 'storing models and flowers' there will be other similar threads from site members. Hope you find the information useful. 🙂

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