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asked January 1st 2019

Marzipanned fruit cake

Hi there, Happy New Year to you all!
I have a couple of fruit cakes that have been marzipanned for about 2-3 weeks now. If I was to cover and decorate with sugarpaste now, would they be ok to eat? (They have been stored under clean tea-towels)
Many thanks


Happy New to you too Trace!

If your cakes are going to be eaten soon, the marzipan will be fine to eat.

However, marzipan tends to go hard and lose it's lovely flavour if stored to the air for a long period. Icing can also become hard and discolour from oils released from the marzipan They can still be eaten but won't taste as nice due to both marzipan and icing losing flavour and moisture.

Undecorated cakes can be wrapped up in parchment paper and foil and stored in a box in a cool room for many months. Take a peek at the storing instructions for undecorated cake here:

Storing Fruit Cake

🙂 Hope this helps.