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asked May 3rd 2020

Meringue kisses

Tearing my hair out with these at the moment! Just can’t get the mix stiff enough to pipe and hold a piped shape. I’ve tried all the usual tips, making sure no grease etc. I’ve used a hand mixer and the Kitchenaid, no difference. The sugar never seems to dissolve fully. Some recipes say to whip for 10 mins, but this just seems to turn the mix more runny? Would using icing sugar instead of caster make a difference? Any advice welcomed! I seem to be an expert in piping damp squibs!


Hi SueC

Damp squibs 😂😂!!

Sometimes meringues can be a real pain. I usually warm the sugar in the oven on a medium heat. Use a spatula and mix to warm it through evenly. Warming the sugar helps it dissolve better. Keep an eye on the sugar, it just needs to be warm.

I’ve never tried using icing sugar, although I know some people use the flavoured icing sugars and get good results.

Try and make meringues on a dry day. Sugar likes to absorb environmental moisture which can cause ‘damp squibs’. Hope suggestions help. Would love to know how you get on. 🙂


Thanks, as soon as I’ve used up my two batches of damp squibs I’ll have another go with the warmed sugar and report back!


Ok, I look forwards to hearing from you 😉