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asked August 14th 2019

Metal straw

Hi I am going to be using a metal straw into Kristie treats does white choc stick to metal ok I am make smoke with popcorn or any other udeas


Hi Alicain

Chocolate does stick to metal very well. This is for your train? I did suggest that you could pipe the 'smoke' shape in my answer here:

Smoke train

Another idea is to make the smoke shape with the krispie treats or popcorn. Insert a dowel into it, leave enough length so it can be placed into the funnel of the train. One more idea: With royal icing or white chocolate, pipe the shape of the smoke twice. Let the two parts harden. Once hardened, place a dowel in the middle of one half of the smoke shape and royal icing on the other half. Place the two parts together so they stick to form the smoke. Leave enough dowel to insert into the funnel of the train.


Thank you I have my straw in as long as choc stick well it will be fine much appreciated


It should be fine. Make sure it is sturdy, not moving around. You can glue it in well with melted chocolate. Hope it goes ok, please let me know. Good luck X