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asked August 12th 2017

Mirror Glaze

Hi I am looking to do a mirror cake but wondering if I need to put the ganache on the cake first to stop the glaze soaking into the cake?
Also, does anyone have a recipe for a coloured glaze? Thanks


Hi nickyd

The cake does need to be ganached and chilled very cold before pouring on the mirror. This week's new tutorial with Helen Vass has a mirror glaze recipe or there are lots of recipes to choose from if you google 'how to make a coloured mirror glaze'. Tutorials on youtube show how to master the technique. It's not as hard as it looks.
Enjoy learning it! 🙂


Great thanks. I have got many recipes now. I've read thay the glaze only stays for 4 to 6 hrs, is there any way I can get it to last for longer? Thanks nicky


Perhaps make the glaze with more gelatine. I haven't done it but worth experimenting. I've only made the glaze for small cakes which have been consumed for after dinner desserts. I should think the glaze would be stable for a good few hours in a cool enviroment.


Please advise is it mandatory to use hand blender when making the mirror glaze, or electric mixer can be used as well.


Hi Walaa Fadwa

I have answered your query in the following link:

About hand blender