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asked June 18th 2018

“Mother of pearl” fondant look


I have a wedding cake in August that I will be adding a hand rolled monogram. I want the monogram on a plaque that will be adhered to the buttercream. I want the plaque to have a mother of pearl look that brings in the wedding colors of peach and blue.

I’m thinking I can do the following: cut plaque in white fondant. With a brush used for cake, water down gel colors with lemon extract and paint some streaks. I will also add a little wet gold luster streaks. After it dries, I will dust with super pearl then steam.

Does that sound like it will give me the look I want? The monogram will be adhered to it.

Any feedback is appreciated.



Hi Stacy

The best way to know whether this works is to make a trial run of the plaque, the monogram and the painting techniques which you have described. Personally, I would make the paints from dry petal dust as these set once steamed.

I suggest you make the plaque and monogram on some parchment paper wrapped around a cake dummy of the same size to that which will be used in cake. Lay the dummy or a cake tin down on it’s side and secure it so it doesn’t roll around then proceed making the items on it. This will shape the plaque so it dries in a curve to take the shape of your cake.

If the plaque is made flat, it may crack when you try adhereing it. Let the monogrammed plaque dry for a few days and then paint it in your desired colours before giving a gentle steam .
The plaque will remove easily from the parchment once it is dry.


Thank you. I will be practicing this weekend


Hope you get on alright. X

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