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asked September 3rd 2019

Mrs Jones 10” sponge

Please can you tell me why Mrs Jones uses 2 deep pans for this recipe, I thought you use either one deep pan and slice your cake in two, or use two sandwich tins and buttercream the two cakes together?


In her tutorial, Mrs Jones explains why she uses deep pans. She sandwiches two deep layers to achieve an impressively tall cake fit for any occasion Take a peek again at the tutorial to hear her explanation:

10’’ Round Deep Vanilla Sponge Cake

The ingredients would also make four sandwich layers if you prefer to use shallow tins.

Hope this helps 🙂


Thank you for that. Also, would you use this recipe to fondant ice it or is it not strong enough?


Yes, the recipe can support fondant. Mrs Jones advises increasing the flour by an additional 10 %. This amount will be sufficient to strengthen the structure of the baked batter. There is more interesting advice from Mrs Jones in the tutorial comments beneath the video. 🙂